October 2020 Flash Release

Hello and welcome back to our October 2020 Flash Release. We have 4 new patent pending grouped layering stamps and coordinating dies. All 4 stamp sets are based on prior layering stamps. We just formatted them into easy grouped layering sets so that you can quickly and easily layer stamp and die cut in one pass!

All four stamps and dies are available for purchase now. However, these are all preorders and will ship around October 8.

We also have a bundle available so that you can purchase all 4 stamps and dies in one easy click. You also have a $33 savings when you purchase the bundle.

Let’s get started!

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Grouped Fresh Peonies, 9x12in Photopolymer Set + Coordinating Die

Our Grouped Fresh Peonies set is the grouped layering version of our Fresh Cut Peonies set. The only difference besides the grouped formatting is that we added additional sizes of the floral images!

Stamped using our Ruby Collection layering inks.

Grouped Fresh Sunflowers, 9x12in Photopolymer Set + Coordinating Die

Next up is our Grouped Fresh Sunflowers! For this design, I took our Fresh Cut Sunflowers layering stamp design (which has been discontinued) and formatted it into an easily stamped/die cut grouped layering set.

Stamped using our Citrine and Crystal Garden layering inks.

Grouped Fresh Dahlias, 6×8 Photopolymer Set + Coordinating Die

This new grouped layering set is the newly formatted Fresh Cut Dahlias stamp set.

Stamped using our Peony Collection layering inks.

Grouped Autumn Foliage, 6×8 Photopolymer Set + Coordinating Die

This set is formatted into a patent pending grouped layering design to help you quickly and easily layer stamp beautiful foliage images. Once the three layers are stamps, you can cut all the 15 leaf images in one shot through your die cutting machine!

Stamping using a combination of our Coral and Citrine collection layering inks.

All new items are available for purchase now and will begin shipping around October 8. You can purchase the bundle with savings here.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!! I hope you like the new grouped layering format!

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