Fall/Holiday 2022 Release

Hello and welcome to our Fall 2022 Release! We have a mix of stamps and stencils in this release that I think you will enjoy. Everything is available for order and most products will be available to ship on October 17. There are only two coordinating dies that will be slightly delayed. Please read below for important shipping details:

Please note that if you include any of the two delayed shipping dies (Halloween Wishes dies and Jolly Wishes dies), your order will be held and fulfilled when the order is complete. If you need your package sooner rather than later, please add these dies in a separate order. I apologize for any inconvenience!!

Let’s move on to our introductions! For this release, we have 7 new stamps (and coordinating dies) and 11 new stencil sets (and coordinating dies)!

First up is our Halloween Wishes stamp! If you follow us on social media, you’ve seen this before.

Halloween Wishes, 6×8 inch Photopolymer Set (the coordinating dies for this set are delayed – they will ship around Nov. 1)

Our Halloween Wishes set was introduced last week to ensure timely delivery prior to Oct. 31. However, we’re giving this set a proper introduction today. Please note that we are releasing the dies but due to a delay, the coordinating dies will ship around November 1. I have decided to go ahead with this release instead of holding it for another year because we still have interest in fall themed products throughout the year! The stamp is still available to ship immediately. If you place this coordinating die in your order, your order will not ship until we have all products in your order ready to ship.

This set has some fun typography design by yours truly. These whimsical sentiments can be paired with the spooky themed images included with the set such as the haunted house, ghosts, bats, webs, tree and spiders.

Created by Brenda using our Halloween Wishes, Coralline Ink, Lemon Drop Ink, Soft Garden Ink, Noir Ink, Rectangle A2 Nested Dies, Double Stitched Rectangle A2 Nested Dies, Glossy Black Opaque Rhinestones.

For the following products, I will introduce the products first and then gallery of cards created by our team. So be sure to scroll all the way down to see all the samples!

Speckled, 6×6 Photopolymer Stamp

Our Speckled stamp is our newest 6×6 inch photopolymer background stamp. You can use this stamp a subtle background for your winter themed cards or projects.

Created by Tae Eun using our Speckled stamp, Pine Branch Berries stencils (below), Bells and Bows stamp and coordinating die, Easy Expressions Hanukkah stamp and coordinating die.
Ink: Meadow, Deep Emerald, Everglade Moss, Found Topaz, Lipstick Red, Wine, Light Onyx, Vanilla Frosted Cupcake, Beach Blondie, Warm Hazelnut, Pink Derby
Gems: Red Gem, Crystal Clear Rainbow Gem

Bells and Bows, 6×6 inch Photopolymer Set (coordinating dies available separately)

Next up is our Bells and Bows stamp which is the latest addition to our patent pending grouped layering stamps. Coordinating dies available separately.

If you’re new to our brand, our patent pending grouped layering system makes layered stamping absolutely effortless. We’ve moved the strategic layering markers outside the main stamping image. Now the layering marks are inconspicuous and EASY to align with each stamp layer. It is easy to mass produce multilayered images with our grouped layering stamps. Spend less time aligning and more time creating final products with our stamps!

Our Bells and Bows set has three layered bells stamps and two layered bows stamps. Stamp them in a variety of color palettes to embellish your holiday cards this season. The coordinating dies comprise of two dies – one die to cut the grouped bells and another die to cut the grouped bows. See Tae Eun’s card above for sample.

Bold Fill In Holiday, 4×6 Photopolymer Set (coordinating dies available separately)

Next up is our Bold Fill In Holiday set. This is a 4×6 inch photopolymer set with three main sentiments in a bold style type font. Each of the three sentiments have an open space inside where you can stamp an additional sentiment to complete your sentiment.

We have a coordinating die set available separately. The coordinating dies will cut out the three main, bold sentiments.

Easy Expressions Hanukkah, 6×6 Photopolymer Set (coordinating die available separately)

Next up is our Easy Expressions Hanukkah set (coordinating die available separately). We decided to introduce a Hanukkah specific set in our best selling Easy Expressions format. This 6×6 inch set features two large two layers with multiple sentiments in each stamp. Stamp the modern type font sentiment in black ink first. Then stamp the other script stamp in another color by aligning the patent pending bars and squares. Use the coordinating die to die cut all the sentiments in one pass through your die cutting machine. This 6×6 inch set also include two individual stamps (these stamps do not have a coordinating die).

Next up are our two iris floral stamps (we also have coordinating stencils for both available separately – keep scrolling!).

Belated Iris, 4×6 Photopolymer Set (coordinating die available separately)

Our Belated Iris stamp features a lone, larger iris image that you can color for your next card. This image will fit on an A2 sized card. The coordinating die is available separately (it is titled Jumbo Iris die but coordinates with our Belated Iris stamp).

In this release, we are also introducing our Jumbo Iris layering stencils which coordinate with our Belated Iris stamp and die.

The best feature of our coordinating stamps and stencils is that you can use both products as standalone products. You can use the stencils with the stamp but you don’t have to. The layered stenciled image is beautiful and sufficiently detailed so it can be used without the stamp.

Created by Anna using our Jumbo Iris stencils, Baroque Frame, Ribbons Affirmation and Bare Tones stamps.

Created by Vera using our Belated Iris stamp.

Created by Tae Eun using our Jumbo Iris Stencils and coordinating die, Belated Iris, Speckled stamp, Slimline Border die
Ink: Bubblegum, Dolled Up, Deep Peony, Soft Amethyst, Iris Blooms, Violet Fringe, Lemon Drop, Peach Blossom, Matcha, Everglade Moss
Gilding: Dew Drop Clear Enamel Dots

Created by Vera using our Jumbo Iris Stencils and coordinating die.

Coming Up Iris, 4×6 Photopolymer Set (coordinating dies available separately)

Our Coming Up Iris set is the newest addition to our coming up florals series. This set features a trio of iris blossoms that you can color and three individual sentiments. This beautiful iris image will fit nicely on an A2 sized card. The coordinating dies for our Coming Up Iris also coordinate with our Climbing Iris layering stencils below. These coordinating dies also include three dies that cut out the sentiments in the Coming Up Iris stamp set for a total of 4 dies.

Created by Vera using our Coming Up Iris stamp.

Our new Climbing Iris layering stencils coordinates with our new Coming Up Iris. Use these two products together or alone!

Created by Anna using our Climbing Iris layering stencils, Fractured slimline die and Easy Expresssions Birthday stamp and die.

Daisy Duet Stencils

Next up is our Daisy Duet stencils. There are four 6×4 in stencils in this set. There are etched numbers and instructions etched directly on the stencils. I have also included color printed instructions with the stencils when you purchase the stencil set.

For this layering set, you will need three to four ink colors for the petals, three inks colors for the centers and one ink for the foliage. *The amount of ink colors that you need is merely a suggestion. You can experiment with adding or subtracting pressure as you blend to increase or decrease shades/contrast. 

This layering set also coordinates with our Daisy Duet stamp and coordinating die. If you already have these two previously released products, all you need is the stencil set!


Stencil #1: Blend with your lightest petal layer. For the daisy center, use your mid-tone brown. 

Stencil #2: Blend with your mid-tone petal layer. 

Stencil #3: Blend with your darkest petal layer. For the two elements in the etched circles on the bottom portion of the stencil, blend using darkest brown.

Stencil #4: There are three elements on this stencil. Blend foliage with green ink. For the circled daisy centers, use a light brown. For the remaining center, use your darkest petal layer color. This is the shadow of your forefront daisy. 

Created by Anna using our Daisy Duet stencils, Foliage Stencil and Script Word dies bundle.

If you love larger 9×12 inch layering stencils where you blend onto an 8.5x11in piece of cardstock, you’re going to love these next two sets!

Jolly Season, 9×12 inch Stencils (the coordinating dies for this set are delayed and will begin shipping around October 24)

Our Jolly Season set is a group of four 9×12 inch layering stencils. After you blend all four stencils, the end result is a stylistically blended letter sized piece of cardstock that you can cut in half horizontally and vertically to create 4 A2 panels that you can put onto your cardbases. Coordinating dies available separately BUT shipping for these dies will be delayed until October 24. Please put these dies in a separately order if you need your order sooner. Any order containing these dies or our Halloween Wishes dies will be held until we have all the products available to ship.

To make layering easier, I’ve included etched numbers and instructions on the actual stencils. I have also included printed directions with the product as well!

Instructions: You’ll need 5 colors for your Jolly Season layered stencils (light pink, red, dark red, green and dark green). These are merely color suggestions. Use your imagination to choose your color palette.

1. Position your stencils to ensure the numbers are read upright. If the numbers or upside down or sideways, rotate the stencil until the numbers are upright. 

2. For stencils #1 and 2, blend these stencils onto your 8.5×11 inch piece of cardstock with your light pink and red inks. 

3. For stencil 3, you will have to selectively blend your dark green and dark red elements. The elements that are outlined or circled should be blended with dark green. Everything else on stencil 3 should be blended with dark red ink. 

4. For stencil #4, blend entire stencil with light green.  

Created by Tae Eun using our Jolly Season Stencils, Ribbon Merry Stencils and die, Double Pierced Rectangle A2 Nested die.
Ink: Bubblegum, Cali Blue, Iris Blooms, Hot Tourmaline, Basil Mojito, Iris Blooms, Violet Fringe
Gilding: Soft Pink Gem

Created by Vera using our Jolly Season Stencils and Styled Christmas sentiments and die.

Created by Vera using our Jolly Season Stencils and Styled Christmas sentiments and die.

Holiday Bells, 9×12 inch stencils (coordinating dies available separately)

Next up is our Holiday Bells set. This set features five 9×12 inch layering stencils.

Instructions: You’ll need 9 ink colors (2 shades of green for foliage, 3 shades of yellow for the bells/candle, 3 shades of red for berries/bows/floral, 1 brown for the branch and 2 optional shades of orange for the flame)

**There are lines etched on the stencils to show you where to separate some of the colors. For example on stencil one, there are two elements on that stencil – the first layer of the foliage (light green) and the first layer of the bells/candles (light yellow). As you blend your foliage, you have to mask parts of the yellow elements of the stencil as you go and vice versa (mask the foliage elements as you blend the yellow).  

Position your stencils to ensure the numbers and instructions are read upright. If the numbers or upside down or sideways, rotate the stencil until the numbers are upright. 

For stencil #1: blend light green for foliage and light yellow for the first layer of the bells/candles.

For stencil #2: blend dark green for foliage and mid tone yellow for the second layer of the bells/candles.

For stencil #3: there are THREE elements on this stencil. Blend brown for the wood elements, dark yellow for the third layer of the bells/candles. On the lower right quadrant, the etched circled area in the center is the THIRD layer of the poinsettia. Blend this area with your darkest red.

For stencil #4: blend this layer with light red. You can use a darker orange for the flame tops (indicated with etched instructions on the stencil). You can also use black ink for the wicks (also indicated with etchings on the stencil).

For stencil #5: blend this layer with mid tone red. However, you can use a lighter orange for the lower portions of the flame (indicated with etched instructions on the stencil).

Created by Tae Eun using our Holiday Bells Stencils and coordinating die, Bold Fill In Holiday
Ink: Bright Emerald, Hot Tourmaline, Orchid Crush, Plum Wine, Found Topaz
Gilding: Light Aqua Gem

Poinsettia Wreath Stencils, 6×6 inch Stencils

At our shows this year, many people have requested a smaller poinsettia stencil set (smaller than our Jumbo Poinsettia). So I designed our new Poinsettia Wreath stencil set! The coordinating dies for our Poinsettia Wreath stamp are also the dies for this stencils set. PLEASE NOTE that the stencils and stamp DO NOT coordinate – only the dies coordinate!

Created by Vera using our Poinsettia Wreath stencils and Styled Christmas sentiments and die.

Pine Branch Berries, 6×4 inch Layering Stencils (coordinating die available separately)

Next up is our Pine Branch Berries layering stencils. Use this festive and bright pine branch for your winter themed and christmas projects. The coordinating die is available separately.

Instructions: You will need two green shades, one brown ink, two shades of red and an optional black ink.

Stencil #1: Blend with your lighter green for the first layer of the foliage. 

Stencil #2: Blend with your darker green for the second layer of the foliage. 

Stencil #3: Blend with your brown ink for the branch. 

Stencil #4: There are three elements on this stencil. You will have to shift the stencil up and down to blend these elements. Blend with your lighter red first for the first (more solid) layer of your berries (top right of stencil). Then shift the stencil upward and blend the lower left portion of the stencil to add shading to the berries. The center portion of the stencil are to add the black elements to your berry tops. 

Created by Brenda using our Pine Branch Berry Stencils, Ribbons Merry Stencils & Die, Bold Fill-in Holiday, Speckled

Inks: Spring Salad, Everglade Moss, Red Sangria, Lipstick Red, Aspen Cocoa

Created by Anna using our Pine Branch Berry Stencils, Holiday Border dies and Ribbons Holiday stamp and die.

Lastly we have our three layered Ribbon sentiment stencils available individually. They are larger sentiments than the stamped Ribbons General and Affirmations images. These ribbons sentiments will take up most of the width of a horizontal A2 panel. Our Thanks, Happy and Merry Layering Stencil each have two stencils in a set. Blend your lighter ink for the first layer and a darker color for the second layer. You can cut out your stenciled sentiment with the coordinating dies available separately..

Created by Brenda and Tae Eun.

That is all for our Fall/Holiday Stamp and Stencil Release! I hope you enjoyed this gallery of beautiful inspiration by our rockstar design team members!

Be sure to stop by each DT member blogs for more details on each project.

Everything except the two dies (Halloween Wishes Dies and Jolly Season dies) are available to ship beginning October 17! Thank you all for your continuing support as we continue to navigate our show schedule with our online operations. I appreciate everyone’s patience and kindness!

We still have a few shows left this year!

There’s still time to get tickets to each show. We have a full make and take table in our booth for all the shows with 9 layering stencil options. There are many great vendors in attendance at each. Be sure to stop by our booth if you decide to come!

Also, if you are coming to any of the shows and you plan on shopping from your wishlist, send me an email at HELLO@THETONSTAMPS.COM and let me know if you need anything specific!

Thank you all for stopping by today!!

6 thoughts on “Fall/Holiday 2022 Release

  1. Janice Collins says:

    Hi. I love your products but have only purchased your merchandise at the Ft. Wayne show. I bought some items at the last show on Sept. 30 but didn’t get the butterfly pop up die that I admired. I was wondering about your shipping costs. Do you have free shipping after a certain amount ordered? Thank you and keep bringing the great products to all of us crafters!


  2. Aileen Ryan says:

    W what a wonderful new release, love the samples I have seen made. Can’t wait to get my hands on these stamps and dies. Congratulations xx Aileen


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