Poppies Love

Hi everyone. Vera here with poppies card. I’ll always remember the time I saw poppies for the first time in my life and I was completely mesmerize by it’s beauty. Since then, it has become one of my favorite flowers.

The Ton has several beautiful poppies set, but for today, am playing with Precious Poppies Layering Stencil set. Adding color with just ink blending makes stencil one of my favorite way to make cards nowadays. For the poppies I used Dolled Up, Coralline, Coral Cavern, Matcha and Aspen Cocoa. At first, I ink blending Coralline on the poppies base, followed by Coralline & Coral Cavern, but then am not quite satisfied with the colors, so I went back to the first layer and blend in Dolled Up on top. It’s okay to change your mind and added more color even after you finish the layering. As long as you use color that you know won’t end up looking muddy, of course.

Then die cut the poppies with the coordinating Precious Poppies dies. To make it more stand out, I die cut a plain cardstock twice and layered it up with the colored poppies. For the background, I used my all time favorite background dies, Quilted A2 Coverplate Die. Adhere the panel to card base followed by the poppies. Then for sentiment I used one of the sentiment from Heartfelt Blossoms and finish by adding a couple birdies from Nesting Peonies set.

I love it when I get to combine several sets in one card. It always make me feel accomplished. LOL. Instant gratification. Well peeps, I hope you enjoy today’s card and I wish you all a wonderful day. Cheers.

Purple Poinsettia

Hi peeps. Happy Friday. Vera here bringing you card inspiration for this weekend on behalf of The Ton. Today, I am showcasing the classically beautiful Jumbo Poinsettia Layering Stencil.

To start I inked up the stencil with Cobalt Breeze, Irish Blooms, Deep Peony and Lemon Drop. Then I die cut the Poinsettia using Jumbo Poinsettia Coordinating Die. Add some stickles to the center of the flower and let dry. While it dry, I worked on the background using one of my favorite background die, the Quilted A2 Coverplate Die. I just love the dainty design with the teeny tiny hearts.

For extra interest, I decided to use one of the leftover frame from previous projects that I had cut using Rectangle A2 Frames Slim Borders die set. Then, arrange all the elements on the card. I used foam adhesive on the top part of the Poinsettia and straight up glue on the bottom part to give a little dimension. I do have tendency to create using non traditional color and I sure love the way this card turned out.

The color gradient on the Poinsettia made it pop against the soft color background. What do you think? Anyway, that’s all from me. I hope you enjoy today’s inspiration and I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Cheers…..

Birthday Peonies

Hi peeps. Vera here. Today, I have a couple birthday cards to share with you all using the lovely Climbing Peonies set. Am so excited the way my cards turned out as it came out exactly the way I envisioned it. Let’s see the 1st card, shall we?

I wanted to showcase way to get more from your stencil. I noticed that I have tendency to use stencil the way it laid out, but we can totally get different design from it if we just lay them in angle or multiple angles, which I did here. For this card, I angle the stencil on the right corner and as I change layer, I carefully lay the next stencil on top of the first one, before gently remove the bottom layer, this way I don’t loose my placement for the layer. The colors I used on my card at Deep Peony, Iris Blooms, Italian Denim, Lemon Drop & Evergreen. It looks like I used more than these colors, but I really just varied the pressure and load of the ink on my blending brush. Once I am done with t he right side, I moved the left side and ink up the stencil on that side. Once finish, I trim the panel and adhere it to card base. For the sentiment I used the sentiment from Grouped Fresh Daisies. I made a booboo when I stamped the word happy, so I simply stamp it again on a strip of cardstock and adhere it with foam adhesive. Extra layer, why not? Top it off with some Soft Pink Rhinestones.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to make another card and this one with just the standard way of laying the stencil straight on the panel.

Quick stenciling with all the same colors on previous card and same sentiment set. One stencil set with two pretty different results. Pretty satisfying in my opinion when I can complete 2 cards in 1 seating. Hah!

That’s all from me as I am still recovering from having Covid. Am still going through that Covid fog, where now & then I feel like my head or my vision kind of off. Luckily no more headache, which is a big blessing. Anyhooo, my body is telling me more rest still needed. So, I better sign off.. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. I know, it’s only Friday, but hey it’s almost there. Cheers peeps! And make today a happy one.

Gleaming Poppies Birthday Wishes

Hi peeps. Vera here. Today I am celebrating my birthday, so I figure it’s only appropriate for me to share a birthday card. I decided to showcase The Ton Gleaming Poppies, since t’s one of my favorite flower.

For the flower and leaves I used Bubblegum, Soft Garnet, Deep Peony Soft Garden & Matcha. Once done with stenciling, die cut the panel using Gleaming Poppies Stencil Coordinating Die. Trim the cut out panel and adhere to card base.

For sentiment, I die cut the word happy using Peony Laurel set. and the word birthday from Many Sentiments Coverplate die set. I think as far as sentiment die set, I used these 2 quite a bit. So, if you ever looking for a set that are timeless and you can use again and again for any occasions, I highly recommend these sets.

I finished the card by adding some Bright Green Opaque Rhinestones. I think a little bling make the card more festive, right? Well peeps, I hope you enjoy today’s card. That’s all from me today. Thank you for stopping by here and have an awesome day.

Sunflower Fields

Hi peeps. Vera here. Today, I want to showcase the new Sunflower Fields Layering Stencil. Love this fun stencil and I love it even more that I can easily make 2 cards after I completed stenciling this set.

The 2 cards I shared here today are what I consider as quick card as I completed both in 30 minutes. I started by stenciling the card with Soft Garden, Bright Fern, Lemon Drop, Coralline, Spiced Chai & AspenCocoa. Once done, die cut with the Sunflower Fields Coordinating die and trim the sunflower panel in two.

Before adhering the sunflower panel to the card base, I inked up the card base area that’s not covered with some pattern using an old die from The Ton and use it as stencil. Then I adhere the flower panel and finish by adding sentiment from Rose Labels set.

The other sunflower panel went to the card below. Instead of white ink this time I inked up the card base with Honeydew.

I truly am enjoying playing with all the stencils right now. Hoping to get more crafting time in, so I can share more projects with you all. For now, I hope you enjoy today’s cards. Thank you for stopping by here. May your day be a good one. Cheers.

Sending Peony Love

Hi peeps. Vera here. This week been a rough one for so many people and I keep reminding myself that we all need love in this world. And we can all start with the people around us. I feel like mailing an actual card, letter is a dying art. We really need to do it more. Sending out card just because, on our loved ones special day, on any day because more than ever we need to spread love. Show love. Share love.

For my card here, I used Peony Memories Cardmaking set. I stamped this beautiful set with Bubblegum, Soft Garnet, Deep Peony, Lemon Drop, Soft Garden, Meadow and Deep Emerald ink pad. Finished stamping, I die-cut them with the Coordinating Peony Memories Cardmaking dies. For the background, I stamped the flower from Bonny Blooms set with Bubblegum inkpad. Trim the panel and layered with gray cardstock before adhering them to the orange card base. Then arrange the peonies on the card and adhere with foam adhesive. Finished by stamping the sentiment and adhering some sequins.

I am definitely planning on getting my stash of cards out. I’ve been giving cards away to people at my church small group & will definitely keep spreading more love through my cards. May your weekend be a good one. Let us always be kind to one another. Cheers…

Blue Peonies

Hi all. Vera here. Felt like it’s been a while since I am crafting. Seriously, my crafting time been going down so much lately. Anyway, today I am playing Blended Peonies Large Stencil set again. What can I say, this is such a fun set to play with.

This time I just made a coupe cards instead of using all 4 designs that the stencil provided. Here’s my 1st card.

Come to think of it, you could actually make 8 different cards with this stencil set, simply by changing the layout from vertical to horizontal cards. My 1st set that I made with this stencil all vertical cards. This time I made these 2 into horizontal cards.

I simply inked up the stencil using Cali Blue, Parisian Blue & Azurite. For the leaves I used Soft Ash & Crystal Pewter. Once I am done stenciling, I die-cut the pieces using Blended Peonies Coordinating Dies. I also use some left over rectangle frame from previous projects that I have cut using Rectangle A2 Frames Slim Borders Coverplate Die. Then I simply layered the frame and the flowers. For the sentiment I used Hugs sentiment from Peony Laurel set.

For the next card, I repeat the same process, except this time for the sentiment I used sentiment from Toned Hearts set.

There you go, my 2 blue floral cards. I hope you enjoy today’s cards and I’ll be bac on Friday with more floral beauty. Happy Tuesday!

Blended Peonies Cards

Hi all. Vera here. Today, I am showcasing Blended Peonies Large Stencil set. Honestly, when I first saw the sneak pee, my thought was whelp, that’s a large stencil. Like way too large for cards. Until I got them in my hand and then I was like, oh my goodness, this is such a cool stencil. I can quickly make 4 cards with just this stencil set. Yep, it’s a 4 in 1 kind of stencil. Let’s get on with it shall we?

My birthday card stash getting low, so I decided to do all 4 cards with birthday theme. I went with these color combination: Soft Garden, Meadow, Bright Fern, Crystal Pewter and Smoky Quartz. The neat thing about this stencil you can easily create 4 cards with completely different color scheme simply by using post it note to cover the edges of the next quadrant or you could make it super easy and make all 4 with same color scheme, which the route I went with. Once I finished stenciling, I simply die cut all of them using the coordinating Blended Peonies Coordinating Dies. Here’s my first card.

For this one, I paired the flowers with soft blue background as I love blue and green combo. For the sentiment, I used the label sentiment from Rose Labels set. I do use this set a lot because I love label style sentiment. To make the flower pop a bit, I die cut extra 2 layers of the bouquet shape and adhere all of them together to create the extra thickness. Then simply add the sentiment and some yellow Stickles to the center of the flowers.

For my 2nd card, I with soft gray background to compliment the leaves color.

Just like the first card, I die cut two extra layer to pop the flower. I feel like this make it sturdier compare to using foam adhesive. Adhere the flowers, add sentiment, stickles and finish by adding some Emerald Green Opaque rhinestones.

For my 3rd card, I paired the flowers with the dainty Quilted A2 Coverplate die.

And, last but not least, my 4th card.

I made all these 4 cards in about an hour. I think what took me the longest is deciding what colors to use. Hah! So, what do you think of this Blended Peonies set? Personally, I love the option of having 4 sets of stencil in 1. I can use just 1 of them or 2 or all of them. Whatever you feel like.

I hope you enjoy today’s inspiration. Peeps, that’s all from me today. May your week be a good one. Cheers….

Floral Celebration

Hi all. Wow, we pass the 1st quarter of 2022 already. Is it just me that it seems like the older I get the faster time seems to fly by. Anyway, how about we start the month with some floral celebration?

I figured it would be fun to create a floral celebration card by combining champagne glass with flower bouquet. For the flower set, I used the gorgeous Noteworthy Blooms that I stamped with Caviar ink pad and die cut it with coordinating Noteworthy Blooms die. Then I colored it with Copic markers. Once done, I put it aside. Next I die cut a couple champagne glass using the Drink Dies set. Colored them with Copic as well.

Now, to anchor the champagne glass, I stamped one of the square from Confetti Shapes Square set with Rose Quartz. Arrange the glasses and the flowers and trim any excess pieces. Here, for my card, I decided to adhere the excess pieces on the left side of the card to fill the blank area. For the champagne glass, I thought adding a Mod Podge dimensional magic would make it looks like iced cold champagne. While it’s still wet, I also added some sequins to make it more festive. Finished by adding sentiment from Wine and Spirits set.

I am happy with the way this card turned out. Made my day when hubby thought it’s a pretty cool card as well. Hah… Well peeps, that’s all from me today. Hope you enjoy today’s card and may your day be a good one with no one pranking you for April’s fool day. 🙂 Cheers….

Birthday Peonies

Hi all. Vera here. For today’s card I am showcasing one of my favorite stencil set the Peaceful Peonies.

Lately, I find playing with stencil as calming & therapeutic. No surprise there as I always love playing with colors. For this card, I started by blending Meadow for the leaves and Bright Emerald, Caribbean Turquoise, Ocean Teal for the flowers & Parisian Blue for the buds.

It’s actually pretty just the way it is, isn’t it? Well, after I was done with stenciling I decided that I didn’t want to use the white background. So, I die cut this panel using the Peaceful Peonies Coordinating die and even went a bit further by cutting the pieces apart so I can rearrange the flower position on my card base.

Once I finished adhering all the pieces, I add the birthday sentiment from Rose Labels set and added some Dark Purple Opaque rhinestones. To finish the card, I added some metallic glimmer water color (you can see the pretty shimmer on the video that I’ll post on my Instagram account HERE. On the upclose of the card below you see the metallic color just as dark colors, but on the short clip on IG as I moved the card you could totally see the pretty shimmer of the colors. So, check it out there please. 🙂

Well peeps, that’s all from me today. Hope you’re having a beautiful day. Cheers….