Floral Gel Press Cards

Hi all. Happy Friyay! Vera here today.

This week been such a crazy week for me. Between work and family stuff, my head was spinning. Last night, I finally took a break and just took the time to just play and create. Well, the result is I have 4 cards to share with you today. Yep, you read it right. 4 cards. LOL, yeah even I was surprised. 🙂

Let’s get on with the cards, shall we?

I’ve been enjoying playing with gel press lately and seems like it’s a great way to get my mojo going. For my 1st card, I swiped these ink pads: Evergreen, Hot Tourmaline and Grand Fuchsia on the gel printing plate. Then I used a roller to soften and blended the lines between the colors. Next, I laid down Riotous Wildflower on the gel plate. Give a firm press, carefully lifted it up. Lay down a piece of cardstock panel, rub it gently, lifted it up & voila!! The stamp lifted up the ink on the gel plate, creating the white lines you see on the card.

And, no need to wait for drying time! Adhere panel to card base. For the frame, I used Rectangle A2 Frames Slim Borders Coverplate Die. I love diecutting frame with this set because I ended up with several rectangle frame with just 1 cut. Time saver for sure. Adhere the frame and die cut sentiment using Modern Alphas Coverplate Dies. Finished by adding some enamel drops.

Now, repeating the same techniques, I made the following 3 cards below.

For this card, I used Lemon Drop & Coralline. And for the stamp, I used Many Mums Cling Background. For the sentiment I used Bold General Greeting Word Plate Dies. I love this color combo, because it just so happy & cheerful.

For this 3rd card, I used Soft Garden, Coralline & Lemon Drop . The fun part of using gel press, you can use the same colors and they can ended up looking different, because how many times you run the roller over and how hard you press the roller can make a lot of difference. My suggestion would be to let go of your expectation and just go with whatever the result looks like. For the stamp I used Lily Fields.

Last but not least is this thank you card. The colors I used are Soft Garden, Amber Citrine & Lemon Drop . I guess on this one, I barely tap the ink pads and really just swiping them and then used the roller. The colors ended up pretty muted and I almost throw this one away, but I love the Lily Fields and decided to use it anyway. For the sentiment I used Jumbo Sentiments set.

There you go 4 pretty quicks cards. I mean, when you can finish 4 cards in 1 night that’s pretty quick, right? I hope you like them and if you haven’t give gel press a try, I’d like to encourage you to do so. Here’s a recap of all 4 cards.

That’s all from me today, peeps. Hope your weekend starts off wonderfully and you get to do some fun stuff. Cheers…

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