New Stamp + Ink Minis + Vault Dies Restocked

Hello, everyone!

I’m popping in here to announce a small-ish product release. We have one new 6×6 inch photopolymer set that features our Ink Titles and a new mini ink set. Both stamp set and mini ink collection are available to ship immediately!

Inks + Ink Title Stamps!

This will be a great tool in organizing your inks and for labeling your ink swatches! The font is not large as I needed to fit all 74 ink titles onto this 6×6 inch set but these adorable little stamps will great for making your swatches!

After five years, we have a total of 74 beautiful ink colors in our collection. This new stamp features a total of 95 total stamps. You can now easily stamp the names of our Couture Color Inks creating uniform and neat swatches. Create layering swatches with helpful terms such as “FLORAL LAYERS” and “FOLIAGE LAYERS” so you will never forget the best layering combinations you create. Some of these stamps can also aid you in sorting by color theory terms! Organize your swatch by complementary, triadic or analogous colors.

Stamped and attached to full sized panel swatches.

Next up is our Berry Mini Ink collection.

This set is comprised of four 1 x 1 inch mini cubes in the following ink colors: Moonlight, Deep Peony, Periwinkle and Pink Derby. All four inks are dye inks.

These Berry collection mini inks have not been released as mini inks before. I have had multiple people inquire whether these shades will be released as minis. They are available now! So if you’re a completist or a collector of our inks, you need this bundle in your stash!

We have also restocked several dies that have been requested by many! Here is a complete list if you missed them in the past:

  • Haute Wedding Dress Coordinating Die
  • Born Classy Coordinating Dies
  • Plus One Coordinating Dies
  • Beer Coordinating Dies
  • City Girls Coordinating Dies
  • Sunnies Coordinating Dies
  • Wave Coordinating Die
  • Haute Gala Dress Coordinating Die
  • Smooched Coordinating Dies

These dies are available to ship at the end of this week!

Thanks for stopping by today, everyone!

2 thoughts on “New Stamp + Ink Minis + Vault Dies Restocked

  1. Dennis Smith says:

    What a wonderful stamp set! I’m excited about labeling my inks! The blocks are a great size for colors you only once in a while. Keep up the great job. Also, I love the shoe stamps. They are a perfect set for me. I own over 80 small collectible shoes!


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