February Flash Release

Hello and welcome back, everyone!! I have four new stamps flash releasing today! I literally just got these stamps delivered to me an hour ago and I had to release ASAP because I thought they’d be something you guys needed right now! All four new sets are available to ship immediately.

Let’s start off with the one I posted on our social media that you all seem to be loving:

Crafty Ninja, 3x4in Photopolymer Set

Our new Crafty Ninja set features a seal with adorable icons that you can stamp inside! The seal measures slightly smaller than 1.5 inches across. Use the third smallest die in our Nested Circle dies or use a punch or cutting machine to cut out your seals!

How cute are these?!

The last three stamps are gardening specific. With the pandemic that hit us last year, I know it’s a hobby or activity that a lot of people took up. I fell in love this hobby as well so I thought I would design some stamps that were great for this hobby.

Garden Goddess, 4x6in Photopolymer Set

I designed this sentiment set because I started swapping seeds with some people in the gardening community and I wanted to create cards for these individuals! I also included a couple of stamps for custom seed envelopes for those swaps.

I also designed an SVG cut file so that you can cut your own seed envelopes. This cut file features the image of the seed envelope. ****There are also 4 lines within the image that you must convert into score lines on your cutting machine software.****

Seed Envelope SVG Cut File, DIGITAL FILE

Next up is our Harvest stamp set.

Harvest, 6x8in Photopolymer Set

This 6x8in set features three images of tomato, pepper and cucumber plants that are perfect for sending happy mail to your gardening buddies.

Plan with Me: Gardening, 6x8in Photopolymer Set

Last but not least is our Plan with Me: Gardening stamp set. In addition to sending happy mail to your gardening buddies, I thought it was imperative to release coordinating planner stamps for this beautiful hobby. There are 59 text stamps and 43 icon stamps. I hope you find this set useful! I adore it! (we also have a nice collection of general planner stamps here, if you’re interested)

That is all for our February flash release! I hope you enjoy the new designs. Let me know if you took up gardening during the pandemic or not. Are you still keeping up with this hobby? I just started some seedlings indoors a few weeks ago and I can’t wait until the weather warms up to plant everything else! Thanks for stopping by, everyone!!

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