You Made My Day

Hi all. Vera here. Today, I am so excited to share my card, because I get to play with one of my favorite flower, the lily!

Seriously, the moment I saw the Lovely Lily set, I could feel my creative juice going. I just can’t wait to create with it. And, here’s my first card using this lovely set (I already have another card  made that I will share next week!!)

For the flower itself, I color it with Copic markers and then put it aside. Next, the fun, part, playing with some foil! To do this part I have a gold foil handy as I have to work fast to do this. I stamped the dots confetti from Confetti Borders set with Versamark and then heat embossed with sticky embossing powder. As soon as the embossing powder melt, I quickly laid the gold foil on top of it and rub it across the border. This is the first time I am playing with the sticky embossing powder and I was’t sure how quick it will cool off, so I just assume I need to work fast.

Hah, when it comes to crafting, I tend to jump in with both feet and just immediately creating project instead of doing some test.

Done with the border, I temporarily place the flower on the panel, to estimate my sentiment placement. Need to make sure I have enough space. Then, I repeat the step on the sentiment, using sentiment from 2nd. Ed. Fill It In Sentiments. Once I am happy with the foil result, I finished by adding the Lily on the card.

I have to say that it’s pretty rare for me to use bright teal cardstock for my card as I tend to go with pastel color, but I am very happy with the way this card turned out. I think it gives the lily good contrast.

Also, I love the foil look. It’s not bad for first try. Hah. Also, I finally got myself a hot foil machine, so hopefully I can create even more cards with foil. Cross fingers!

Right now, we are in the middle of our kitchen floor repair from water leak damage from our kitchen sink, so things kind of crazy. They have removed our kitchen island and sink, and not having kitchen sink kind is quite a hassle. Hopefully, I can still sneak some crafting time to keep me sane. Well peeps, that’s all from me today. Hope your week is going wonderfully. Cheers….



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