Happy Thanksgiving Duo

Hi peeps! Vera here. Hope you’re enjoying a nice fall weather today.  That’s what I love about the fall,  the slightly cooler weather. I am in Texas, so I can’t say the much cooler weather. Hah…. Just slightly…

With this fall weather, it makes in the mood to create a couple fall cards. For the first card, I used this gorgeous Thanksgiving Block.

I love that this set can help me in completing a card in short time. I literally just dab various ink colors by section and soften the edge each time by dabbing a foam. Repeat the process two-three times for each color.

The color from top to bottom: The Ton Soft Garden, Beach Blondie, Coralline and Soft Garnet. Once I finished inking up the image, I trimmed the image and adhere it to the card base. Stamped the sentiment on a strip of cardstock and add to the card.

For my next card, I played with Oak Leaf Print & go for a bit more colors.

This time the color I used from top to bottom: The Ton Bright Emerald, Soft Garden, Beach Blondie, Coralline, Soft Garnet and Iris Blooms. The addition of Bright Emerald on the top makes me happy. I feel like the color bring extra brightness and cheerfulness to the card.

Adhere the panel to the card base and add the sentiment. These 2 cards are what I like to think simple and clean with a punch. Just because it simple doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Well peeps, that’s all from me today. Hope you enjoy today’s cards and may your Friday be an awesome one and that your weekend starts off wonderfully. Cheers…


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