A Couple of Donuts

Hello! Olga with you today. I made a couple of cards with Donuts from Lavish Donuts and Unicorns Bundle.


I stamped the donut with Rose Quartz Dye and Warm Hazelnut Dye for the first card. Then I apllied the Lavish Donut Cardbase Die and embossed the topping with gold powder.


I stamped the sentiment with Noir Dye and decorated my card with Spring Fawn Couture Mix.


I stamped the donut and topping with Spiced Chai and Rose Quartz Dye  for the next card. I apllied the Lavish Donut Cardbase Die again and toned the edges with  Warm Hazelnut Dye.


I stamped the flowers using Rose Quartz Dye, Cosmopolitan Pink HybridPink Derby, Hot Tourmaline and Caribbean Turquoise Dye. Then I applied Lavish Floral Cluster Die to it.


I added the title and gilding same as the first card.

Is there any people in the world who stay indifferent to donuts? I definitely would like to eat one now! Have a sweet day!!!






One thought on “A Couple of Donuts

  1. jellybeanerz says:

    Yummy stamp set! My daughters nickname is donut. Well, at least one of them. Haha. The other is MM Michela Martha and her daughters nickname is peanut. I told my granddaughter that makes her a Peanut M&M! Love this set!


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