Waves and Moon

Hello! I want to share with you my card about the waves and moon. I like both sunsets and nights on the beach, I like to swim at this wonderful daytimes. And I like this gorgeous  Wave Stamp.


I stamped the waves layer by layer with  Cali Blue Dye, Miami Cool Dye and True Navy Dye at first. Then I covered it with masking paper. I cut the moon using Golf Therapy Dies and masking paper again and placed it on the cardstock.  Then I toned it with True Navy Dye and Lemon Drop Dye round the moon. I removed the masking paper and thats it – I got the moon in the night sky.


The next step was applying Double Stitched Circle Die to my sheet of cardstock.  I stamped the wave one more time and applied to it Coordinating Die.


I just got all elements of my card together,  stamped the title with Caviar Dye and decorated it with Dew Drops for the finish.


I hope you enjoyed my card! Have an amazing day!

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