Video: Watercolored Daisy Close Up Hugs

orange 34 daisy.jpg

Hi, everyone! I’m back with another video using our gorgeous Daisy (3/4 View) Close Up stamp! For this project, I did some watercoloring with Color Burst watercolor powders.

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I started off by heat embossing our daisy image using our Rose Gold embossing powder. Then I watercolored the petals using Marigold and Lemon Yellow Color Bursts. I used Burnt Orange and Sepia for the center of the daisy. For the leaves, I used Sap Green and Terre Vert. For all of my painting today, I used a wet in wet technique to get some great blending of my oranges and yellows.

I used two Pentel Aqua Brushes (a medium and large tip brush). These watercolor pens have empty chambers where you can just unscrew the brush top to add clean water. I prefer water brushes over traditional paintbrushes when I watercolor because the pens themselves act as a readily available water source. If I need clean water, I can easily squeeze out some water using the brush I have on hand.

orange 34 daisy3

After I embossed my daisy onto my watercolor panel, I painted a thin layer of clean water onto my daisy leaves.  Then I added a little bit of Marigold Color Burst to the inner portions (near the center) of my daisy leaves. With my second water brush, I blended the marigold color out towards the edges of my leaves. I made sure to leave a little bit of the edges unpainted to leave some white space to my floral painting.

After I put down my base layer of Marigold, I added a little bit of lemon yellow to the lighter areas of my daisy leaves. I blended some of the lemon yellow out to the edges of the leaves. Next, I added more Marigold powder towards the center of my daisy for shading. I blended the color out just a tiny bit.

orange 34 daisy4

Once I painted the leaves, I painted the center of my daisy using Burnt Orange and Sepia. For the leaves, I used Sap Green and Terre Vert. I did not take too much care in painting these two areas (center and leaves) since they’re smaller areas in comparison to the petals.

Next I added gold foil strips to my side folding A2 cardbase and then adhered my painted panel onto the base. Then I die cut my Scripty Hugs sentiment using the same gold foil adhesive paper. After I adhered my hugs sentiment onto my card, I added our Clear Rhinestones. They look like gorgeous little rain drops!

orange 34 daisy2

That’s all for today. I was extremely satisfied with this bright and fiery, watercolored daisy.

I created a similar card a few months ago using the same colors, however, I used a different technique. Instead of painting the pigment onto my panel, I spritzed the pigment onto my panel straight from the color burst bottle. You can check out the video here.

daisy cb spritz

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9 thoughts on “Video: Watercolored Daisy Close Up Hugs

  1. Becky Green says:

    The gold embossing & foil paper just make this SO ELEGANT! I also LOVE the dew drops! It gives a FRESH feel to the floral! LOOOVE this oversized image/background stamp!!! SUPER JOB, Effie!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉


  2. Kayte W. says:

    Loved this card! The colors are so vibrant. Do you have a video or blogpost on preparing a color burst palette? I am also interested in the tool you used to push down the large area stamp.


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