Third Anniversary Release – Day 1

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Hello and welcome back to The Season to kick off Day 1 of our Third Anniversary Release!! On January 19, it will be three years since The Ton was born. THREE! Time really flies when you’re having fun because it seems just like yesterday that I was designing shoe wardrobe stamps. For this release, I included a bit of everything and a ton of florals.  Over the next three days, our team and I will be showcasing 23 new stamps, coordinating dies and 9 new Couture Mixes. Then we’ll have mini blog hops for an entire week starting January 19 until January 26th featuring our talented team and special guests who will provide some truly amazing inspiration. We’ll have giveaways everyday starting today. Be sure to scroll down for more giveaway details.

For this special release, we have two free gifts with qualifying purchases: Daisy Duet and Peony Notes Bundle A+B+C). This promotion does not apply to prior purchases***. The threshold amount is calculated before taxes and shipping. This promotion will continue until January 28, 2018 at 11:59pm EST or until supplies last. Limit one incentive package per order. No coupon code needed. All incentive products will automatically be added to qualified orders (they will not show up in your cart but will be added to orders as we pack them).

Spend $125 or more: Receive a 4×6 Daisy Duet set;
Spend $250 or more: Receive our Peony Notes Bundle (A+B+C) (and a Daisy Duet set).
**There must be a new release stamp in your order to qualify for a GWP.**
***If you placed an order for our Smooched or XOXO set in the last few weeks, we will combine that order amount to your new order for a total qualifying threshold amount. Please include your original order number (the order that included Smooched or XOXO Mini in the notes of your new order).


Daisy Duet 4x6 Clear water

Daisy Duet, 4×6 Photopolymer Set: $16 Value

This 4×6 set features a large duet of beautiful daisies that are so fun to color. Daisy Cluster measures approximately 5 3/8 inches at its widest points.


Photo taken against our Peach Marble Backdrop Board

Jenny created a beautifully colored two toned card using our new Daisy Duet and layered Buildable Woodgrain set (for more details on our Buildable Woodgrain set, scroll down).

Our new Peony Notes sets feature an array of stamps that enable you to stamp layered floral clusters effortlessly because each layer of the florals are combined into a single easy to stamp cluster. Peony Notes A + B are two 6×8 stamp sets that feature the actual floral clusters and foliage stamps. Peony Notes C is also a 6×8 set which features a large solid background stamp allowing you to stamp the negative areas around the floral cluster.

  1. Peony Notes Bundle A+B+C ($55): Purchase the complete bundle for $55 or receive this set for free with a new release order over $250* (Restrictions apply, see details above).

All of our incentive stamps will be available for purchase separately on Thursday.*


Photo taken against our Soft Gray Wood and Bokeh White Backdrop Boards

I created an effortlessly layered floral card using our Peony Notes and Bold General Greeting Word Plate Dies (for more details on our new word plate dies, scroll down).

Be sure to follow us on YouTube for more inspiration! I update our channel on a weekly basis!

Let’s move on to the rest of the release! Today, we’re debuting 3 new Couture Mixes and 8 stamps and coordinating dies.

For our mixes today, we have our new Lilac Blossoms, Mint Sugar and Pink Blossoms. Click on each photo for a closer view.

I have a confession to make! I’m a lazy crafter! That is one of the reasons why I LOVE word dies. While I love the look of the bold font greetings created with alpha dies, I found that I do not have the patience to line up individual letters to create die cut greetings nor do I have patience to die cut multiple letters should I need more than one for a particular sentiment. So I decided to take create simple word plate dies using a bold font for all occasion sentiments and took the muscle work out for you with these new die collections! *You’re Welcome* (just kidding… but seriously, these have a permanent home on my craft desk)

Approximate measurements:

  1. happy: 3 5/16 inches
  2. birthday: 4 10/16 inches
  3. you: 2 inches
  4. thank: 3 1/8 inches
  5. wishes: 3 7/8 inches
  6. hello: 2 3/4 inches
  7. to: 1 1/16 inches
  8. best: 2 3/8 inches

Approximate measurements:

  1. you’re: 2 5/16 inches
  2. wonderful: 5 1/8 inches
  3. gorgeous: 5 1/16 inches
  4. fabulous: 4 11/16 inches
  5. amazing: 4 7/16 inches
Seriously Amazing 6x8 Clear water

Seriously Amazing Sentiment Set, 6×8 Photopolymer Set

I had to include some bold sentiment stamps to compliment our new fabulous dies. We also added some sassy sentiments in this set.

Buildable Woodgrain 6x8 Clear water

Buildable Woodgrain, 6×8 Photopolymer Set

I am so excited to introduce this new layering set! Our new Buildable Woodgrain stamp set is comprised of 9 stamps so you can completely customize the look of your stamped woodgrain pattern.

Fresh Cut Daisies 6x8 Clear water

Fresh Cut Daisies, 6×8 Photopolymer Set

Our new layered florals for this release are daisies! This set features three, three layer daisies with coordinating foliage.

Approximate measurements:

  1. Round daisy: 2 inches
  2. 3/4 view daisy: 2.25 inches at its widest points
  3. Side view daisy: 2.5 inches at its widest points


Fresh Cut Daisies Coord. Outlines 4x6 Clear water

Fresh Cut Daisies (Coord. Outlines), 4×6 Photopolymer Set

I had to include a coordinating outline version of our Fresh Cut Daisies.

Large Florals - Daisy 6x8 Clear water

Large Florals: Daisy, 6×8 Photopolymer Set

The newest addition to our Large Florals collection is a three layered, easy to stamp large daisy!

Approximate measurements:

  1. Daisy: 3.5 inches at its widest points
Coming Up Daisies 4x6 Clear water

Coming Up Daisies, 4×6 Photopolymer Set

Our newest cluster is our Coming Up Daisies! It’s a gorgeous image of several daisies… coming up!

Winter Folk Cardinal 4x6 Clear water

Winter Cardinal, 4×6 Photopolymer Set

Christmas may be over but we are still in the heart of winter. So I designed this sweet Winter Cardinal for those cozy projects and winter birthday cards! This is actually a design that I came up with while I was in my stamp carving mood. For more photos and possible sneak peeks of future designs, follow me on my crafty IG page. I have taken a lot of my stamp carving designs and turned them into clear stamps.

Riotous Wildflower Garden 6x6 Clear water

Riotous Wildflowers, 6×6 Photopolymer Background Stamp

Our new Riotous Wildflowers background stamp is one of my absolute favorites from this release! This 6×6 clear background stamp features a beautiful floral pattern that really comes to life when colored with your favorite medium. Coordinating dies will be available on Thursday for the two bloom clusters on the bottom portion of the image making this a very versatile stamp! Use it as a background stamp or feature the die cut blooms as a standalone focus for your next project.

Coordinating dies for the following sets will also be available on Thursday, January 18 at 7am EST: Fresh Cut Daisies, Large Florals: Daisy, Coming Up Daisies, Riotous Wildflowers, Winter Cardinal.

Now that you’ve seen all the stamps for today, please enjoy the gallery of inspirational cards by our team. You can visit each team member’s blog for more details on their beautiful projects.


Created by Laura Jane using our layered Buildable Woodgrain and Seriously Amazing Sentiment sets. 26841327_1793941883984186_9143879286683134376_o

Created by Brenda using our Riotous Wildflowers photopolymer background stamp. 26841060_951985801625371_3048157202087711943_o

Created by Olga using our Riotous Wildflowers stamp, Basic Banners set and Double Stitched Circle Dies. 26951987_1903912783255798_2600388978197665446_o

Created by Mayline using our Riotous Wildflowers photopolymer background stamp and Seriously Amazing Sentiment set. 26757806_1786991098039640_8791021464975163522_o

Created by Tae Eun  using our Riotous Wildflowers photopolymer background stamp and Bold Amazing Word Plate Dies26678046_1786991378039612_2958601262631686626_o

Created by Tae Eun using our Riotous Wildflowers photopolymer background stamp. 26756771_10156130159149216_2425665092282015502_o

Created by Vera using our Riotous Wildflowers photopolymer background stamp. 26685592_10104059341893119_4947001376283550601_o

Created by Effie using our Riotous Wildflowers photopolymer background stamp, coordinating dies, Buildable Woodgrain set and Bold General Greeting Word Plate Dies.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 2.59.21 PM

Created by Effie using our Riotous Wildflowers photopolymer background stamp, coordinating dies, Buildable Woodgrain set and Bold General Greeting Word Plate Dies.

Created by Vera using our Riotous Wildflowers photopolymer background stamp. 26841540_10104059341908089_2007592496282548254_o

Created by Effie using our Fresh Cut Daisies, Large Florals: Daisy and Buildable Woodgrain sets. Inks used: Coral Collection, Orchid Collection, Amethyst Collection, Ruby Collection, Cocoa Collection and Peony Collection.  26685118_10156123210809954_1369550265291977633_o

Created by Jenny using our Large Florals: Daisy and Seriously Amazing Sentiment sets.


Created by Tae Eun using our Large Florals: Daisy and Peony Notes (sentiment) sets.


Created by Mayline using our Coming Up Daisies set.26850652_1786991548039595_6202929595775243126_o

Created by Tae Eun using our Coming Up Daisies and Buildable Woodgrain sets.26758555_1799307466780961_3369194118386567557_o

Created by Brenda using our Coming Up Daisies and Peony Notes (sentiment) sets.26756539_10156123210834954_1682687802172205187_o

Created by Jenny using our Coming Up Daisies and Minor Stripes stamps.26910272_952016828288935_5074632110903198586_o

Created by Olga using our Winter Cardinal set.26758146_1986142584957067_7562561436687013515_o

Created by Anna using our Winter Cardinal set.26685139_10210753523298491_5785932164331095479_o

Created by Lisa using our Winter Cardinal and Coming Up Daisies (sentiment) sets.26757235_1590273684404356_3723085194335448599_o

Created by Eunji using our Winter Cardinal set.26678507_1903912776589132_7763222789420707320_o

Created by Mayline using our Winter Cardinal set.26240037_10156122279804216_7046823449065695858_o

Created by Vera using our Winter Cardinal and Occasion Confetti (sentiment) sets.26170411_1461096070654773_4836497233779975987_o

Created by Laura Jane using our Winter Cardinal set.26757830_10156123210934954_6381410765890569671_o

Created by Jenny using our Winter Cardinal set.26685822_1786991214706295_5529258189646437396_o

Created by Tae Eun using our Winter Cardinal set.

So that’s it for our new products for Day 1 of our Third Anniversary Release. We hope you enjoyed today’s lineup! Tomorrow will be our second day of sneak peeks where we’ll debut 6 new stamps, coordinating dies and Couture Mixes. All new release products will be available for purchase on Thursday, January 18 at 7am EST.


For each Release Day (1 through 3), we are giving away a stamp set of choice from the new release! So there are three stamps up for grabs for now! To qualify, you must leave a comment on our Daily Release posts (Days 1-3) – let us know which of our new stamps are your favorite for each day! Leave a comment on each Design Team member’s blogs to increase your chances of winning. The comment period for all giveaways closes on January 28, 5pm EST.  Winners will be announced thereafter on The Ton’s blog.

Head over to our team member blogs for more details on their projects and be sure to leave a little love for each of them to up your chances of winning our giveaways.

Laura Jane
Tae Eun

Make sure to join us tomorrow and after tomorrow for Days 2 and 3 of our Release Week. After the 18th, we’re continuing our Anniversary Party with 8 days of mini hops! We’ll have some amazing inspiration by our team members and special guests. From January 19th to the 26th, stop by our blog first to start hopping. We’ll have a giveaway on each day so stay tuned!


Remember the challenge for the month of January! Cue Word: CHEERS




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