Wildflower Birthday

Hi peeps. How’s thing going. Vera here today. As this post goes up, I’ll be deep in the middle of moving to our new home. It’s been quite a stressful ride to get to here, but it’s finally done. Between packing, get the current house ready for sale, working full time, finding stuff for the new house and getting sick from being too tired, I am so ready for this move to be done.

Hah…. now it comes to unpacking time and organizing the new home. So, while I am dealing with the craziness of the move, I did manage to get my post ready and made this card.

To make this card I started with stamping the beautiful wildflowers from Wishful Wildflowers a couple times and colored them with Copic. Once I am done with the coloring, I then added some greenery from Mini Wild Florals set.

I love combining sets whenever I can and t his way I can make sure the old set still get some love, too. Done with the panel I adhere it to the card base and from there I start adding various element to add more interest to the card.

And, also honestly because only after I done with the coloring that I realize I have made a card with similar design using this very same set for a post on my own blog. However, since most of my crafting stuff already packed and I didn’t have the time to start over from the beginning, I thought, hey this is a perfect time to show how you can use the same basic design and upgrade it. 🙂

This time, I chose to added banner to my card using the banner from Banners Basic set and some pretty butterflies from Beautiful Butterflies 1 (die cut using the matching dies). Finished with some stripes of silver glitter adhesive paper.

Well peeps, that’s all from me today. I am hoping that I can totally unpack and back to crafting in 2 weeks. This is the time line I gave myself. Unfortunately I can’t take too many time off at the moment, so I only take 1 day off for the moving day itself and the rest I am going to have to wing it after work and on weekend. Wish me luck that I stay sane during the whole process. 😉 Cheers….

3 thoughts on “Wildflower Birthday

  1. Beth Karschnick says:

    SO BEAUTIFUL, Vera! Of course LOVE all your cards! Good luck with your move. And, although getting settled is important, getting enough rest is more important so you don’t get sick again! If you get sick it will cost you way more time and put you further behind. You might want to give yourself a cut-off time for stopping whatever you are doing , ahead of time and stick to it. That gives you a plan for getting enough rest. Just a thought. I totally will not be offended if my idea doesn’t work for you. HAPPY MOVING, VERA!!!


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