Lovely Peony Bloom

Hi there lovely peeps. How’s thing going? Vera here today.

For today, I sure would like to wish you all a lovely day. To convey my message, I played with Peony Garden Cling Background and made this card.

I venture out and played with some unusual color combo. I used Cali Blue, Caribbean Turquoise, Bright Emerald, and Miami Cool ink pad to color the flowers. I wouldn’t say that this is my typical color combo and honestly it took me a while to decide whether I like it or not. Yes, it finally grew on me, although I wouldn’t say this is something that I’d do often. It is unique though, at least for me.

I dabbed the ink pad directly on the cling background stamp. I simply wiped the area where I don’t want the color and even if there’s some overlap that’s okay. That’s the beauty of using various color on one piece of stamp. Once that done, I trimmed the panel in angle and finish the card by stamping the sentiment from Graceful Rose and of course, I couldn’t do without sprinkling some Bermuda Blue sequins and Soft Mint Gelato Couture Mix.

Well peeps, that’s all from me today. Hope my card inspire you to try out new color combination that you normally wouldn’t consider. Thank you so much for stopping by here and we appreciate all your support for The Ton. Enjoy your Friday!

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