Fabulous Friend: Re-creating Claire Danes’ Dress

CD Dress and Peonies

Hello and welcome to another video and card post!  About two weeks ago, I posted a photo on Instagram a panel that I made which was inspired by Claire Danes’ Met Gala 2016 Dress.  It was a beautiful, innovative Cinderella like dress that lit up!


Photo Credit: Google

As soon as I saw it, I thought our Haute Wedding Dress was PERFECT to re-create the look and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I started off by stamping the Haute Wedding Dress onto some 110lb cardstock with our Hampton White Couture Color Pigment Ink.  Then I clear embossed the image because I planned on doing some light watercolor painting.  You might be thinking – What? Watercoloring on cardstock?!  However, I used some heavyweight 110lb cardstock that takes water really well if you only use a tiny bit of water.  There was almost no buckling with the cardstock as I painted!

So after I heat embossed the image, I started coloring in the gown with some light silver metallic watercolor paint.  For this I used the paint in the new Gansai Tambi Starry Night Palette.  If you have the 36 color Gansai Tambi set, there is a silver metallic paint in that set.  You can also use the light silver pain in the Finetec metallic paint set.  If you don’t have access to any of these, you can use some Perfect Pearls in the Pearl color.

CD Dress and Peonies2

So after I put down the light silver metallic paint, I started painting in the highlights of the dress with some Perfect Pearls Turquoise.  I had to do a little bit of drawing in the bodice portion of the dress but it wasn’t too difficult.  After I painted the dress, I lightly colored in the hair with some gold metallic paint (you can use any of the paint palettes mentioned above or Perfect Pearls).

Next I stamped our Sending Peonies on two opposite corners of my card panel in our Hampton White Pigment Ink and then clear embossed those images.  Next I lightly painted in some shading to the peonies and leaves with the same light silver metallic paint and turquoise Perfect Pearls.  Then I used our Basic Sentiments to create a custom fabulous sentiment which I stamped in the same white pigment ink as everything else (I skipped the heat embossing because I was not going to watercolor over it).

half holo silver.jpg

Silver Holographic Foil Adhesive Paper

Next I trimmed our panel about an 1/8 of inch on both sides.  Then I took a side folding A2 card base and adhered strips of our new Silver Holographic foil adhesive paper on both side edges of my card base.  After I adhered my stamped panel over the card base, I put down some lovely Glass Slipper Sequins in 8, 6, 5 and 4mm.

That’s all for today!  If you haven’t subscribed to our Youtube Channel, be sure to subscribe because I have some nice videos that I’m planning on posting to show you different ways to use our new glitter and foil adhesive papers.  See you soon, everyone!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 12.16.59 AM

7 thoughts on “Fabulous Friend: Re-creating Claire Danes’ Dress

  1. Cindy E says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! You’re amazing! I love all your cards and love watching your videos! Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. pinkheelscreative says:

    Oh my gosh! This dress is gorgeous. I saw that dress on tv and thought it was beautiful but I also thought the gypsies did it first…lol! I used to watch “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” and they had some really outrageous dresses and some of them lit up! Boy, I have gotten off topic. I love your card!


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