Craft Queen Honey Bear

bear 3

Hello everyone, Effie here! Today I made a video of a quick colored card using our Honey Bears and Like a Boss stamp sets.  I used the small stamps in the Honey Bears set to create a cute background design that went behind my cut out panel.  Please enjoy the video!

First, I started off by stamping my bear on an A2 sized panel.  I stamped this adorable bear in our Copic friendly Caviar Hybrid Ink.  Then I colored the body with E13, E23 and E25. The bear’s mouth was colored with E00. The adorable chest hair patch was colored with RV02.  Then I grounded the bear on the panel by coloring in a gray base by blending some C1 and C5.

bear 4

Then I took my pencil and drew a curved path stemming from the bear’s paw which I then cut out with my craft knife.  I planned on stamping a background pattern behind that cut path.  Then I took a side folding A2 cardbase and put it behind my cut panel.  I made tick marks along the curved path onto the cardbase which would serve as my guide to where I would be stamping my DIY background.  Next I took the small stamps within the Honey Bears set (honey comb, bees, honey pot and fish – these tiny stamps are SO CUTE!) and stamped them on the cardbase within that curved path with our Rose Gold Bangle Pigment Ink.

bear 1

Next I double stamped the Craft Queen sentiment from our Like a Boss set in the same Rose Gold ink.  After I let the Rose Gold ink dry, I erased the tick marks on my card base.

bear 5

Lastly, I adhered the panel onto the stamped cardbase with some foam tape!  Today’s card was a simple design but I love the subtlety of the rose gold combined with the starkly colored bear.

bear 2

Thanks for stopping by today! See you next time!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 12.16.59 AM


7 thoughts on “Craft Queen Honey Bear

  1. christy bray says:

    i truly love this stamp set (honey bears) and can’t get enough of it! so i LOVE this design and can’t wait to copy! thank you for all the wonderful inspiration you provide!!!


  2. Susan R. says:

    Love the underwear stamp on the back of the card. Definitely going to get that! Neat idea to hand cut out a unique area to highlight everything the bear loves to eat. Great card.


  3. Amber McGary says:

    I love this card-so cute! I purchased the rose gold ink and have not had good luck with it. It is sticky and gooey and doesn’t stamp even. Is there something I can do? I tried to find a place on this site to contact you but couldn’t.


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