Hey Foxy! Let’s Stamp!

Hello friends! It’s Keeway here today to share with you some fun, colorful cards with all the amazing new inks The Ton has recently released.  Have you had a chance to check them out yet? They’re incredibly vibrant, crisp, and addictive to use!

All of today’s cards feature the adorable sleeping fox from the Hey Foxy set and the circle stamp from the Hug in a Mug set. So let’s get started!


My first card uses cool colors from shades of turquoise to purple. I use the colors from the Minted Collection, Blues Collection, and Amethyst Collection.


I absolutely love all the colors! I finished up the card with sentiments from the Hey Foxy set heat embossed in white on black cardstock and added a thin layer of blue cardstock underneath it.


Next up, I decided to go for warm colors. So this time around, I used colors from shades of yellow to pink. I used colors from Citrine Collection, Coral Collection, and Peony Collection. I think I also threw in some colors from the Ruby Collection too, but at this point I’ve turned into a mad scientist stamping like a lunatic and forgetting what color I’m on :).


This time around, I decided to use sentiments from the Large Peony 1 stamp set, heat embossed in white on black cardstock. I then also cut a vellum piece just slightly larger than the black square to create a light border around the sentiment.


On to the last card! I decided to go for a tricolor look and stamped half the card with foxes instead. For this card, I used the Parisian Blue, Orchid Crush, and Vanilla Frosted Cupcake inks.


For the sentiment, I used the stamps from the Hey Foxy set. I used the banner and another fox from the set, and kept it black and white.


And there you have it, a glorious splash of color using simple black outlined fox stamps and some shape stamping to color them. Thanks for dropping by. Have a fantastic new year!




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