Menagerie Spa Card

Hello friends~EunJi here! Today, I’m sharing a funny card. It is so cold in South Korea as the winter are freezing. It makes me want to remember something a lot warmer. So I made a card where you can feel the warmth. Do you like spas?? I love spas. Here are The Ton’s animals in our Sketchy Menagerie set enjoying the spa.

IMG_1091 사본IMG_1094 사본

I made this card using The Ton’s Sketchy Menagerie stamp set , Panda Can’t Even stamp set, and our Tea Party stamp set.  First, I stamped the animals with the Sketchy Menagerie stamp set. For the bodies of the  animals, I colored using watercolor.  I also painted the bamboo in the background with watercolor. For the towels, I used some cloth and adhered it onto the animals.  To make it look like a real spa with steam, I blended some white ink on the card panel.


Are you cold where you are ?? Maybe try going to a warm spa??

I hope you enjoyed these projects and found some inspiration for your creations. ^__^ Thank you for stopping by and for checking out my post for today. I hope you have a happy day filled with laughter and fun! See you soon~


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